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Our online ordering is simple and easy.  Just choose your meals and use our secure shopping cart to place your order.  Ordering deadlines are set for each delivery day.  


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No shopping, cooking or endless dishes.  Just pop your meal in the microwave, oven or stove top or easy heating.  Make life simple and delicious.  

What our customers are saying

Connie Gordon and her staff at Live Well Eat Smart have a true gift with food. They are artists in the kitchen. The menu is creative and mixes fresh and healthy ingredients and still makes it tastes like it HAS to be terrible for you 😉
– Mark M.

I feel lucky at home that I often get to enjoy local-raised delicious food from ourselves and farmer neighbors in our part of Vermont. I was pleasantly surprised at how hard Chef Connie worked to bring in local, organic when possible and down-right scrumptious ingredients. I can proudly say I ate healthy and well. Thank you.
– Caesar G.

We thoroughly enjoyed your meals while my husband was so sick.  They kept me going with wonderful food including veggies cooked just right. 

-Sally S. 

My family and I love these meals.  Having fresh, yummy tasting food that I know is healthy for us at a great price and conveniently delivered is a dream come true!

-June S.

The meals have been outstanding!! We are so impressed.  The flavors are amazing and everything is cooked just perfectly. I’m surprised how well the meals reheat.  You clearly know what you’re doing!!!

– Jason W

Thank you ALL so very much for the fabulously healthy and wonderfully tasty food you cook with such care for us! I don’t think I’ll EVER go back, now that we found you! Please don’t ever go away!

– Jude

We had our first delivery from Live Well Eat Smart and were delighted by the flavor of the Balsamic Chicken, Spicy Chicken salad wraps, and my husband loved the steak!

– Polly S

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