As a former competitive swimmer in my youth, as well as a sports and fitness journalist-turned yoga teacher, fitness and health have always played a huge role in my life, but it is only in the last couple years that I realised being ‘fit and active’ is one thing, and being ‘healthy’ is another. The more I aged and busied myself in The Real World, earning a living – sure, I could still hold a 4-minute plank, but the more I realised just how poor my diet was; no matter how much I worked out, I still began to gain weight and feel sluggish and bloated. I finally started to realise how crucial one’s nutrition is to wellness (and to weight loss).

Before going in-depth with Ibn on his Live Well Eat Smart Programme and learning more about the things going into my supposedly healthy grocery items, I used to pride myself on not having a sweet tooth. I used to joke and say, “I get my sugar from alcohol and fruit,” not realising that NOT eating chocolates didn’t mean I wasn’t still consuming large amounts of sugar. I was heaping sugar into my body multiple other ways too, e.g., the pre-made sauces I would constantly use to stir-fry my “healthy” veggie dinner, plus, hello, alcohol and fruit. 

It is because of Ibn’s educating and sustained yet easy-going coaching, I know better now. I also know not to be as afraid as I used to be of fats and butter! 

In the 3 months I have been practising Keto and Intermittent Fasting, I have lost 13 pounds (something no other diet or fitness programme I tried has allowed me to do), my clothes fit better and more comfortably than they ever have in years, my confidence is up as a result – and so I dare to wear things I never felt comfortable wearing for possibly a decade! Not to mention my skin has cleared and I have heaps of energy. My body seems to have found a comfortable, natural rhythm to it; one I don’t remember ever experiencing. We finally feel on the same page. 

I am so glad he was there to hold me accountable and break down the daily changes, processes, and feelings I had on the Live Well Eat Smart Programme …because it wasn’t easy, but the results were worth it. Everyone around me is shocked by the transformation and wants to know what I did, so I’m inclined to continue. 

I intend on integrating as many aspects as possible from the Programme into my lifestyle and look forward to the increased benefits of FINALLY, for the first time, marrying fitness AND health!