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Fast. Feed. Feast.

I did not wake up on the morning of the January 11, 2021, suddenly realising that I had to do something about my weight. This was an ongoing process which started over 30 years ago. It was a never-ending struggle for me to try to lose weight. Since I was about 30 years old, I have been struggling to keep my weight in check. That initially involved running. At the time I could run or jog up to 20 kilometres on a given evening. Later on, when the ankles, knees and back started to hurt, I would then try to go to the gym. Also, when I turned 40, I tried to do cycling. I was a good novice cyclist at times doing up to 80 miles on a weekend ride. It was very enjoyable. I had stabilised at about 175 pounds at that point, but as soon as I stopped cycling, I would go up to 185.

In addition to trying to out-exercise my weight, I also tried many diets. At about 35 years of age, I tried the Atkins diet, with which I did lose about 10 pounds. However, when I came off of it, I not only regained the 10 pounds quickly, but went up by about 12 pounds. I also tried Fit for Life, South Beach Diet, and many other of the fad diets that did not work or did not allow me to keep the weight off.

I eventually learned that I could not out-exercise a poor diet. The problem was what is a good diet? I had tried a nutritional system where food was delivered on a weekly basis. It did not work. I lost 10 pounds while on the programme, but at the end of it I had gained 12 pounds. For the past 30 years I would gain about a pound or two per year.

I was in the gym about two years ago and had a nutritionist provide me with a meal plan so I could get my weight under control. Again, a couple pounds off, but when I stopped the programme, two or three pounds back on.

So, let’s go back to good morning of January 11, 2021.

I googled “nutritionist near me” and found Anna Amelia. She introduced me to the ketogenic way of eating and intermittent fasting. I had topped over 206 pounds after Christmas 2020, and I was determined to get back to a normal weight.

We embarked on a programme, and I enjoyed it tremendously. I had such great success I have been able – since middle of March 2021, to maintain my weight at a very comfortable 168 pounds.

I was so motivated that I decided to become a Ketogenic Coach and Intermittent Fasting Coach.

That was when Live Well Eat Smart was born.

The key variation I have done with my Programme is to allow the individual to eat the foods that they enjoy, which are still within the ketogenic way of eating. The intermittent fasting portion is fundamentally accepted as the better way to eat, and it has so many benefits that we really can’t list them all now. It is something that you just must experience for yourself.

There have been ups and downs with my weight. I know whenever I cross 170 pounds. I revert to the Programme and maintain it for about 2 days until I get back below 170 – usually below 169. I do drink alcohol and occasionally eat carbs. I have rice once in a while, and fundamentally I do not miss any of the things I used to previously eat.

Many people accept that they can lose weight on this Programme. Their biggest concerns tend to be:
Is it sustainable? And

Can I return to eat what I normally ate before?

With respect to sustainability the answer is a big yes.

It is not difficult. You can do this very easily and maintain the weight loss.

With respect to returning to eat what you eat before……. you must realise that if you return to exactly how you ate before you will return to exactly the weight you had before.

This does not mean that one could never have some of your favourite items again. It does mean you can’t have them all of the time, but only some of the time. I would recommend eating your favourite items when you do go off the Programme. We call this a Feasting Day, and then you will return to the Programme with a Fasting Day.

Can someone Fast for 24 hours without Food?

Many people question whether or not they can fast for 24 hours without food. I tell them that now, in your current condition, where you are using carbohydrates as your primary source of fuel, you probably cannot. However, on the Live Well Eat Smart Ketogenic Plan, you switch to using fat as your primary source of energy. When you are Fat Adapted, you can go for several days without being hungry, without being tired, without craving food. But it is a process, and it takes a while. And that is part of the Key that you and I will develop to unlock the door to the fat repository that we all carry with us.

Is it Hard to Stick to the LWES Programme?

Did I have difficulty during the Programme. Yes, I did. But knowing what my goal was and seeing that this Programme was working from day one, I pushed past the difficult pieces and was able to rapidly lose the weight.

What makes the Live Well Eat Smart Programme Different?

For optimal results, there are a few tricks. And as any good Coach would do, I will let you know how to do things better, how to do things less painfully, how to make it easier. I will show you, and we will walk this process through …together.

Many people often say this is the first day of the rest of your life. It is true. What I would like you to do is to make this the first day in having a better rest of your life!

In January, I realised that I had to do this for me. I had provided for my family my entire life: my children, my wife, and myself, but this is now for me. It was a very personal thing. I knew if I did not …

Get my weight under control,
Improve my health,
Reduce my numbers,

things would get out of control.

It would be unrecoverable, as not only was I obese at 206 pounds, but I was

Type 2 diabetic, using metformin twice daily.
I was hypertensive and using blood pressure medication morning and evening.
I had bouts of gout, and I was on medication for that.

I was basically being referred to as a ‘metabolic syndrome individual’, where my

metabolism was low,
blood pressures high,
cholesterol high,
and the gout flared up everything.

You know you’re lacking energy. Like Murphy’s Law, everything that could probably go wrong – be wrong, was happening to me.

As of today, I no longer take blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, no gout flare ups, so therefore, no gout medication, and have a very HIGH metabolism. Boy! You should see my normal metabolism now! I go for walks – I can do 10 kilometres on flat land or up on hills, have high endurance, I sleep much better. Previously I had sleep apnea, now I don’t even snore anymore – at least according to my wife! She’s very relieved about that! So, what are the negatives?

The Negatives of the Live Well Eat Smart Programme

These are the negatives.

The biggest one right now is that I have no clothes that fit me anymore, and it is the first time in the past 30 years my clothes are not fitting. They are now too big!

The other drawback is that I still have a big appetite …BUT I seldom get hungry, which to me was very strange as I had always associated hunger with appetite. I did not know that you can disassociate hunger from appetite, which to me is still very strange.

One of the main things I attempt to achieve during the Live Well Eat Smart Programme is to allow you, the client, to eat the types of food that you enjoy, particularly with respect to protein and fat intake. In this way, you are more likely to stay on the Programme as you are eating the foods you like and yet you will still gain all the benefits that Programme affords!

While doing my coaching, I was carefully advised not to make any claims about improving health because I am not a health practitioner, and I am not licensed as such. Hello! I am your Coach! And I will guide you through the process and give you the keys to attain and achieve certain goals in your life!

We will get this done. And it will be a very happy, fulfilling Journey!

YOU will get to Live Well by Eating Smart!

Your Coach,


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